Sparkle and Shine #1

The end of a not-so-eventful day. You’re talking to a few friends on Instagram web and Telegram web, thanks to the absence of your phone. You don’t expect anything eventful to happen, you’re almost ready to shut eye, and get into the realms of Sleep. Out of nowhere, one of these friends you’re talking to sends you an instagram post to look at. It is about somebody’s dog, a dog that died today – Maple. Maple almost reminds me of syrup, though I’ve never had any maple syrup in all of my life, strange are the ways of the mind! This post is about how much Maple loved him and how much he is gonna miss it. Sighing, you just hit like. And you scroll, to see the other posts on the same page. Turns out this guy is a guitarist. And he has Maple in almost all of his posts. And then you find a post with the chords to “In the End..” of Linkin Park, and nostalgia strikes. Unexpectedly. And then you scroll to the next post and the next. And listen the guitar strings of about four songs, by which time you are drowned in the world of music, and the moment has just become bliss.

You decide that is the exact moment you want to close your eyes, coz if falling asleep is a journey between the realms of wakefulness and sleep, you’d rather make that journey retaining this element of bliss, and nothing else. Next morning, you wake up with more sparkle and shine than you have ever felt in the last few days, weeks.

Here’s to Maple. To music. To that friend who inadvertently brought about some sparkle and shine in an unexpected form of an instagram post.

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