Poem: Covid-19

He speaks a lie

who says he knew
what 2020 was to be
before it unfurled to the world’s view..
Origination unknown
it makes its way
like an orphan
looking for a home
As it inhabits
human after human
affecting the host
with symptoms myriad
the one lesson
it still fails to learn
is how to be a good guest..
A good guest is one
who doesn’t exploit the host
whose hospitality was extended
either by chance or by choice..
A good guest is one
who at least lives and lets live
if they cannot make the host thrive..
A good guest is one
who the host might want to make partner
for all the wonderful things
that lay hidden, is now brought to light
Alas, the only wonderful thing upon which
a torch is being shone
is who is stronger of the two –
the uninitiated host
or the belligerent guest
whose intentions remain unknown..
There’s one tale that only time can tell
that we all are giving ears to..
Will this remain a test of strength
or will a truce prevail?
Will this guest take a turn
to protect his host
or continue attacks
and lose his own home too
until it becomes
a win for just one?

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