Poem: Sunset

What if we didn’t know
Of gravity and physics
And the guarantee of a sun
That comes back promptly every morning
Even as it goes down every eve?
(Barring of-course inter galactic catastrophes and the like?)

What if we were the first people
To walk this earth,
Would you like me
Probably be most mesmerised
By the orange hue of a sundown
Even with the blast of colour all around you?

Would you like me
Be biased to this one goddamn thing
That you can’t really reason why
Amidst the presence of a million other things
That equally demand a place in the heart
Even as varied in colour and nature they might be?

More importantly,
For how long would you
Look at a sunset and wonder 
if it were going to be the last?

Would you take for granted
That sunsets are a part of life
After a week, a month, a year?
Or would you stand speechless
Day after day, and the next and after
And inexplicably so, adore and fawn over
The hues of a sunset that you wish you had on your robe
Until either you or the sun, ceased to be?

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