All Poetry written by yours truly!

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    Poem: Covid-19

    He speaks a lie who says he knew what 2020 was to be before it unfurled to the world’s view.. cd Origination unknown it makes its way like an orphan looking for a home   As it inhabits human after human affecting the host with symptoms myriad the one lesson it still fails to learn is how to be a good guest..   A good guest is one who doesn’t exploit the host whose hospitality was extended either by chance or by choice..   A good guest is one who at least lives and lets live if they cannot make the host thrive..   A good guest is one who…

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    Poem: Sunset

    What if we didn’t knowOf gravity and physicsAnd the guarantee of a sunThat comes back promptly every morningEven as it goes down every eve?(Barring of-course inter galactic catastrophes and the like?) What if we were the first peopleTo walk this earth,Would you like meProbably be most mesmerisedBy the orange hue of a sundownEven with the blast of colour all around you? Would you like meBe biased to this one goddamn thingThat you can’t really reason whyAmidst the presence of a million other thingsThat equally demand a place in the heartEven as varied in colour and nature they might be? More importantly,For how long would youLook at a sunset and wonder if…