Compatibility and the Bubble theory

I was having a discussion with K about relationships and compatibility which is when this theory arose. Putting it up on my blog, so that I don’t forget this theory! (And also for all of you who are so kind to read the random theories I sometimes come up with :))
Our conversation that day revolved around how there is no absolute truth, and there can be any number of truths as many number of people there are.
Considering this, who are we to judge people on whatever they believe in, maybe their truth will also take them to some good place in life. We never know. 
That’s when this theory came up in my mind, here goes:
Imagine I have an absolute truth A and I live in that bubble, which is actually the universe I live in. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say that in bubble A (universe A), the men and women are equal and they have no need to fight with each other to prove that they are equal.
Let’s say I meet a person, and in that person’s universe, aka in his/her bubble (let’s call it bubble B), let’s say they have a belief that women are dominating or evil. For example.
Now, imagine trying to merge these two bubbles. Can it ever happen? Nope!
Why on earth would I agree to enter into another person’s bubble, where their universe is going to harm me?! Being a woman, the last thing I would want is to enter a bubble where they consider women evil or dominating or some such! I would for my own interests’ sake, refuse to be in that person’s bubble, and say they are incompatible with me!
However, if there’s no reality in their universe which will be ground shattering in mine, then I would still be able to get along, or enter that bubble and feel safe. What’s more, if they have some species of plants and animals not available in my bubble, I would even be thrilled to discover new stuff! Isn’t this how relationships always are? I also mean close friendships, and not just a romantic relationship. The things I share with my close people and the things they share with me have often opened up windows and doors to whole new worlds I never knew existed! 
This doesn’t hold true even to just friendships or a romantic relationship. Even at the workplace, even with people we do business with, the folks we employ, the folks we work for, the people we exchange money with, the people we spend time with! Would it work if we had contradicting beliefs on money, while doing business with somebody? Would our partnership work out? Never. The bubble theory is the my litmus test for all relationships!
Graphic images of all the bubbles inside my head, coming soon. 😄 What do you think? Let me know!

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