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Shambhavi Diaries – A Prelude

What is Shambhavi?

For the uninitiated (no pun intended) Shambhavi, or Shambhavi Mahamudra is a practice taught as part of the Inner Engineering program offered by Isha Foundation.
Something about the practice calls me to write about my everyday experience of it, more like a personal memoir of how things were once upon a time in my life.

To read, or not to read?

This category of blog posts would only make sense to you if you are a practitioner of the same. I would strongly recommend that you read no further if you have not been part of the Inner engineering program, for three reasons:

  1. It would not be relevant to you.
  2. It would not make much sense (in all probability) to you. There is a chance of misunderstanding.
  3. This category isn’t exactly that I deeply desire for anyone to read, like the rest of the posts that I’m gonna share. I am writing this for my own joy, coz I know life changes tremendously with Shambhavi, and this blog will be a memoir of how things were, once upon a time in my life.

No offense intended, it is only that I don’t want you venturing pastures which you haven’t touched yet through your experience, simply through the eyes, just because some gibberish about it is available in printed form on the internet. It would be a huge loss for you, if you read this section, without having had a taste of it yourself, first.
Anyone who has gone through the inner engineering program completely, (including the initiation) is free to read upon my memoirs that are going to follow, keeping in mind that these experiences are solely mine, and are in no way to be compared with your own.


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