Wild Rose vs. Lavender

A few months ago, a friend of mine who came back from the UK gave me a Wild Rose scented shower gel, which she’d picked up on her trip there. She gave a bagful of other goodies along with it, so I didn’t really think much of this particular item, and days passed.
Now, there was a time in my life when I would preserve anything that I felt was “nice” only for special occasions, and this wild Rose scented shower gel is definitely something I would classify as “nice”. But fast forward to present day, I no longer preserve or hoard things until they reach their expiry date and then regret not using them (that’s what happened to almost all of the stuff that I used to preserve over the years), so this wild rose shower gel found it’s use far more earlier with me. At first, the scent was enticing. I actually liked it. Enjoyed it, even. This probably lasted for a week. A week later, every damn time I use the wild rose shower gel, I miss all things lavender. My encounter with lavender for the first time in life happened when I was well into my twenties, so it wasn’t something I’d grown up with. How I found a perfume that defines me is entirely for another blogpost, but well, lavender.
I make a mental note to pick up lavender soap bars or shower gels the next time from Yves Rocher, because Body Shop doesn’t have lavender perfumes, forget shower gels ( can you believe!) and half the bottle of this wild rose down, I’ve never been more clear about how much I’m a lavender person!
Isn’t this really how it is, with people as well?
There are some people we consider close, but a week (or even years) later, we realise that’s not it. Strangely but surely, the wrong people make us realise who the right people are in our life! If only we can trust our instincts, we know who are the right people for us. I am so reminded of Draco Malfoy shaking his hands with Harry, and saying- let me help you. You don’t want to go around making friends with the wrong kind. To which Harry says, I’m fine, thank you. We are all just fine, we don’t need anybody to tell us who is right for us! Here’s a toast to all those wonderful people in your lives who are like my lavender.. arriving quite late, and needing a wild rose to realise their worth, but being the ones who stay. 🙂


Picture credits: Engin Akyurt and Brigitte Tohm from Pexels.


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